With the creation of a new web design studio, I was tasked with creating a unique, but simple logo that could be used across all platforms. A web designer's branding must be simple and recognizable. Their logo is often placed at the footer of their clients' websites as a seal of completion. The task is to create a logo that can represent the web design studio, but not distract from the client's website; something the clients will want on their website as a proof of quality design.

The addition of the rhino horn in the 'O' of the name was designed to increase the usability of the logo: a logotype and an icon. Furthermore, the rhino horn can also be adjusted to one of three brand colors for appropriate use at the owner's discretion. Branding was also created for future collaborations and referencing with the brand.

The inclusion of the rhino horn in the logotype creates a versatile icon that can applied across various platforms.

The branding surrounding Rhino Web Design was inspired by safari images found online: muted reds, mustards, and sage greens. To maintain the simplicity of the variations, only the rhino horn in the 'O' is altered with the different colors. Otherwise, the logo is displayed in either black or white.