Fresco Kyoto, a five-piece indie band from Brisbane, Australia, is quickly gaining traction internationally. Taking influence from their likes (Mansionair, London Grammar, and Glass Animals), I created this logo design concept in an effort to update their current design (serif typeface). The concept includes a rectangular stacked logo and a circular icon to increase the brand recognition and usability.

The sketches to originally create this custom typeface were done by hand. I then scanned those notebook pages into Adobe Illustrator and, using the pen tool, vectorized the typeface. I left the linear characters as such, but added some character to the curves in the 'O,' 'C,' and 'S.'

This project was featured on Abobe Live's portfolio review. Watch the segment below.

“Big take aways for you Emily: Your type is incredible, I’d keep refining that, keeping pushing it and then I think building out these ideas that you’re having into full stories. I think that it’s there and I think they’re really good ideas. I’d love to see more of how that applies and more ways you can break apart these cool ideas you’re having into telling that story a little bit more.”