CASEpeer Legal Software needed a new, unique way to stand out at conferences and capture potential new users. After realizing the absence of video brochures on the market, I worked as part of their in-house team with the Director to design an eye-catching layout and animated video pairing.

The video brochure had to be easily recognized as part of the CASEpeer marketing fleet, but also stand out amongst competitors. CASEpeer's iconic green is one of their strongest branding points, so it was an easy decision to incorporate the green onto most of the brochure. We also stuck with CASEpeer's clean aesthetic: black text on white backgrounds, sleek lines, and simple, direct messaging.

The biggest challenge we faced was deciding which information was key. After pinning the ideal recipient of these brochures (a serious, potential client that would appreciate seeing the extra effort - and dollar - showcasing the software), we were able to understand what information those recipients would be wanting to see. We organized the information with the physical product in mind; what information would the recipient be absorbing from the first page flip to the last.

We took a big interest in the quality of the brochures and no detail was left untouched. Our colors were matched precisely, as well as a velvet, matte finish on the product. A high quality UV Spot Coating was added to the front cover to highlight the logo and the invisible webbing.

Two animated videos were also created to accompany the layout. These videos took the potential recipients in account as well: one video for the users who would be using CASEpeer daily and one video for the users who make the financial decisions within the law firm.

The video brochure was, and still is, used successfully to showcase the software accurately to potential users. CASEpeer is the leading case management software for personal injury attorneys, and the elevated experience from the video brochure relays that.