Recently establishing an independent salon, BY MADDY was not only in need of a visual identity, but also marketing assets to help unify the in-person experience at the salon. BY MADDY had a vision for a simple, yet professional logo that can carry across the brand and help present the work done in the salon in an aesthetic way. Social media is a booming avenue for hair salons to showcase their work. BY MADDY wanted to stand out amongst them.

We worked through a few different variations, using Montserrat as our base typeface and adjusting from there. Originally BY MADDY only wanted the 'M' to stand out, almost like a signature emblem. After seeing the miscellaneous store front mocks though, she decided to extend the variation in Option 2 to the entire word, 'MADDY.'

The finalized logotype was created with versatility in mind. The 'M' can still stand alone and act and an icon for the brand, which was included in the deliverables. It is easily stacked and makes for a great repetition pattern, as seen on the shampoo bottle below. We worked out some language for the brand as well, honing in on a playful tone that suggests that the intended user has a previous, elevated knowledge of hair products. This allowed us to keep the wording simple, casual, and conversational.

The rest of the branding was built out around the logotype: neutral, tan colors, few variations to keep the branding consistent, and a typographic hierarchy that focused on Montserrat, but allowed for a serif font as well for large paragraphs.

Next steps for the project are marketing materials, such as business cards, price sheets, and an in-salon beverage menu.