About Me

Hey there! I'm Emily, a Pacific Northwest based designer specializing in visual identity and marketing strategies. I love creating things for the digital space, telling stories, and learning new things. When I'm not designing, I am spending my time traveling or with my horse.

My favorite part about working with a brand is helping them curate an experience that is representative of how they feel about their product. I work with you to find a way to tell your story in a simple and clever way.

Education and Experience


Founded Emily Kerr Designs

In a local coffee shop, five minutes from my university, I pressed publish on the first draft of my website for Emily Kerr Designs.


Digital Marketing Internships

Worked with various companies as an intern within their marketing & design departments to learn best practicies.


Graduated from UCI

Completed a Bachelor of Arts, English Literature with an emphasis in Creative Writing.


In-House Digital Marketing

Managing and creating all digital marketing content for the brands, ranging from static marketing designs to kinetic video brochures.